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Rapid Modernization - Helps to rapidly modernize your existing systems in weeks as it can layer on top of your existing hybrid systems.

It has ability to integrate data from multiple sources inside the mobile client natively

Easy to use, easy to configure, leverages data where it lies, transactional and analytical capabilities, and more.

Supports natively iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices.


User Experience - Entire tech stack is built for Mobile and not retrofitted from desktop. It allows you to deliver uniform business processes in one integrated flow based on how business users work, not based on siloed tools


Single Stack - Eliminates the need to have separate tools for doing BI, transactions etc. which are not built for mobile and cater to only one part of the business process. Unified tools provide consistent user experience, look & feel and security across multiple business processes and devices


Data Access -Real-time, Offline or Hybrid modes supported. Offline mode is source system agnostic and covers both BI and Transactions.


Reduce IT Maintenance Costs - Define Once and deploy on multiple mobile devices with no coding

Different look & feel based custom apps cause bad user experience, upgrade, security, extensions, scalability and maintenance issues.

EnterpriseSignal Cloud Shields you from mobile OS upgrades being rolled out every month


Deployment Mode - Since it is cloud based (public/ private) there is NO Software to Install, NO Hardware to Order and NO User Training


Native Mobile - Native support for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android (phones and tablets). Form factors change automatically based on device OS and size to provide device specific native user experience


Social - Connects to LinkedIn, Twitter and other social data providers


Device Specific Integration - Provides location intelligence, GPS, Geolocation, Map, Navigation, Camera, Scanner (UPC/ Barcodes, Asset tags, Signature), Pdf merge and Mobile productivity tools


Configuration and Extensibility - Drag and drop UI Wizard based configuration is available at Enterprise and User level


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